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8 May

I think the education system needs some massive reform. I mean a significant overhall, not just an increase in funding or something minor like that. We need to get more students into math and science career fields but we’ve been going about it the wrong way. The current method essentially perpetuates a cycle of students being forced to settle for less after building them up with lofty hopes in their early ages. In other words, we take great lengths to encourage children to want to be a Doctor or engineer (for those into robotics and the like) and perhaps the largest of all is the Astronaut. If these students find they are lacking in these areas we will berate them and assert that they “don’t want it” enough or “they should try harder”.

Once they try as hard as they can, and STILL barely make the scores necessary in the math/science based classes we then tell them to “pick something else”. Which leads to the high number of college graduates with “under water basket weaving” majors (ie: the 99%). Despite the fact that these students pick “easy majors” because they are encouraged to, they are still berated as lazy for not going into a science based career field. And thus the cycle continues with the next generation. I was disappointed with the sheer number of “smart people” from my highschool graduating class all flocking towards Film and Video studies in college. They got to a point where they determined that hard work doesn’t always transfer to GPA and so they took another career field that “matched their strengths”.  

I would argue that we need to eliminate choice in the school system. In order to get more students in to science based career fields we should streamline the K-12 curriculum accordingly. I’ll go into more detail in my next post.