Christian LGBT allies, we need some intrafaith dialogue.

6 Mar

If you read my first post it would be pretty obvious that I’m a Christian. I’ll “come out of closet” here and say that I’m pretty conservative with my faith as well. While I do research the context and the settings in which the Bible was written, I believe the Bible is the primary source of being a Christian (what other source is there beyond God himself?). As such, to remain objective in a Christian paradigm, I will not accept anything less than Biblical doctrine as “evidence” in a Christian discussion. Needless to say I believe the Bible (and therefore Christianity) teaches against homosexuality, however I am perfectly willing to consider the viewpoint of a Christian who does. Please note: my Christian viewpoint is different from my political one; I realize that not everyone is a Christian and therefore Christian morality cannot be imposed without the proper context.

Unfortunately, whenever a Christian LGBT ally attempts to explain their viewpoint they generally follow this self-defeating formula:

1. Deconstruction of the Bible “You/We don’t follow everything the Bible says anyways”

2. Personal ancedote (and/or) pleading to the anti-LGBT Christian/s that they abandon the “hate within their hearts” or self elevation “God told me/sent me on a mission”.

-The “God says so” argument ironically puts the pro-LGBT Christians in the same logical position as the Church during the Crucades.

3. Conflicting reaffirmation of the Bible: usually quoting John 3:16 or attempting to “connect the dots” between Jonathan and David.

Not much is done in these steps to actually build a pro-LGBT theology. Countering or challenging an argument isn’t the same as making one. Deconstructing the meaning of Sodom and Gomorrah (for example) doesn’t create formulate the basis of a pro-gay Christian argument. The burden of proof is on them, they have to provide reasoning behind what they say. Particularly the one’s who attempt to compromise (ie: those who promote same sex couples “remaining pure” until marriage or the ordained homosexual priests who still need to parttake in the centuries old rituals and rites during their services.) Speaking for myself of course, but I think anti-gay Christians are more willing to at least listen than the pro-gay Christians tend to think. However the pattern that’s been used just doesn’t work logically, and it deepens the dividing lines that already exist without the political conflicts. We need to discuss the issue as fellow believers, accept the fact that both sides have good intentions and plead our cases to each other. However the pro-gay side needs to take on the initiative here, as I said before the burden of proof falls on them.


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